Kieran Richardson

Graduate PHP Developer

How did you start working with us?

I graduated from the University of Kent in Computer Science with a 2:1. I chose VML as it has amazing benefits, an extremely friendly and open community and a path for self-development and improvement. Since I joined, all the people I have spoken to have been incredibly friendly and supportive. I have felt able to go to anyone in my team for help on anything which is so important when you are starting out.

What have you learnt?

That you never forget how to code, even if you haven’t used it for a while! It was great to have a role where I was doing some actual coding and using my knowledge to fix bugs, which is hugely satisfying. My degree has helped me by teaching me how to communicate effectively with the team so we don’t end up repeating work that someone else has already done. It also helped me develop a technical mind so I can break down challenges more easily into smaller, manageable parts, key when you are on a challenging project.

I love making something to a high standard that I can be proud of and is appreciated by both my colleagues and the clients. Recently I completed a project 3 months before it was expected which felt amazing!

Why VML?

It is such a supportive community and there are always people to help you when you need it. It’s a brilliant graduate programme that you can use to develop your talents and qualifications with the opportunities given to you as you progress with the business. I didn’t think I could get a job in the technology sector straight out of university, but not only did I get a job, I got one of the best!

Advice for new graduates

I would say make a private GitHub page to learn the ins and outs of GitHub and its commands. Using GitHub confidently is a massive boost at the start! Also, most importantly don’t worry, everyone was once the newbie!