Judith Rosenberg

Deputy Head of Testing

How did you start working with us?

After studying Law at Leeds University, I decided I didn’t want to become a Lawyer! I was very interested in the IT industry, and after some research and self-directed study, I began looking for suitable opportunities. I joined VML as a graduate manual tester in 2014.

In my first year, I moved between a range of accounts, learning about the business, and working my way through different testing challenges. I then moved to the Moorgate office, joining the New Look team as their first tester. As the team grew, I moved into a Test Lead role, and then became Test Manager across the programme. This was a great learning opportunity, and I was able to work on many interesting projects with a brilliant team. In the summer of 2020, I moved to support the test leadership team, continuing my learning journey, and taking on many new challenges! I am extremely proud to have recently been promoted to Deputy Head of Testing

How has your Degree helped you in your roles?

I believe my Law degree instilled in me a keen eye for detail and developed my critical thinking and analytical abilities. My experience as a dance teacher and a member of dance troupes also helped develop my communication, presentation, teamwork and leadership skills – all of which are very relevant to working within any development team and a great basis for my growth into a leadership role.

What has been the biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge came while working as a test manager on a particularly tricky upgrade project. The timelines were tight, and the development was taking longer than expected, resulting in testing being squeezed. I had to put forward a plan for how we could complete the testing by changing our approach, re-planning, and negotiating with the client on how we could run activities in parallel and manage risk. This type of project, and the management role I took in it, were both very new to me, so this was a steep learning curve! While the situation was very challenging, and I did second guess myself, the team were very supportive, and I have been able to take a lot away from the experience.

Why do you love working here?

Well, to begin with, I get to work and interact with many brilliant people across the business. The people are great, there is an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise, and there is a drive to continue to improve and adapt. The work and social environment is positive and welcoming, and there are great opportunities for growth and development.

The variety of the roles that I have taken on has been great, but that variety brings with it many challenges – I never quite know what will land on my plate next! I have found that prioritisation has become particularly important, so that I make sure I am carving out time for the right activities.

Working for VML, I have been able to progress from my role of graduate tester to Deputy Head of Testing after 6 years. I have worked hard to achieve this promotion, but I am also extremely proud that the leadership team and my own team have shown confidence and trust in my abilities by giving me this role.

Lastly, there is the social side of the business. We have had some very fun Christmas and Summer parties, as well as games nights, cocktail making, and other themed events. It’s not just all company events, we have also had smaller project and team related events – whether virtual or at a nearby pub/bowling alley. People are generally very down-to-Earth and easy to get along with, a real plus!

What gives you a buzz in life?

Solving a problem or overcoming a challenge, luckily my new role gives me lots of both!

Advice for new graduates

  • Care about what you do, be conscientious, build good relationships with those around you, continue to ask questions and consider what’s next and what could be better
  • Spent less time worrying about things that are uncertain and outside of your control, and spend more time getting support and ideas from others with more experience (and perspective!)